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Is the Jewish Bible a Mystery Novel?

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Is the Jewish Bible a Mystery Novel?

Christian missionaries read the Jewish Bible as if it were a mystery novel. The Bible presents the missionary with an enigmatic puzzle that needs to be unraveled. Only the missionary knows that Jesus is the answer before he or she begins reading. The trick is to try to see Jesus behind every symbol and every metaphor that the poetic authors of the Bible bequeathed to us. When Jesus is “discovered”, the Jewish Bible has achieved its purpose and can now be summarily put aside.

But is the Jewish Bible a really a “mystery novel”? Is it one big “I spy” game in which the reader has to try to find that elusive Jesus? Is the Jewish Bible the ancient version of “Where is Waldo/Jesus”?

The missionary approach to the 53rd chapter in the book of Isaiah illustrates the Christian attitude towards the…

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The Bush, The Cloud and Genesis 18

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The Bush, the Cloud and Genesis 18  

Christians believe that Jesus, a man who lived and breathed like all other human beings, was in some mysterious way – divine. On the basis of this belief, Christians direct veneration and worship towards Jesus. They call this belief the “incarnation of the divine”.

Ever since Christians began promoting this belief, the Jewish people have identified it as idolatrous and have chosen to give their lives rather than direct worship to Jesus.

Christian apologists have presented many arguments in their attempt to justify their worship and their belief. All of these arguments are wasted on the Jew who is loyal to his or her nation’s covenant with God. The heart of the Jew’s covenant with God is the knowledge that God directly implanted into the hearts and the minds of His nation – that there is no entity deserving of worship aside…

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Cut Off

1000 Verses - a project of Judaism Resources

Cut Off

Replacement theology is on its way out amongst many Christians. Many Christians are coming to believe that the Jewish people are still chosen by God. I see this as a positive development in Christianity. With the stranglehold of the establishment Church broken, Christians are reading the Bible on their own and coming to their own conclusions. It is not easy for people to begin thinking in a direction that they are not accustomed to, but as the decades and centuries move on, progress is being made. More and more Christians are discovering that the Bible teaches doctrine that is different than what is taught by the establishment Church. This process influences the Churches as well, who realign their doctrines to the Biblical truths discovered by their supporters. It is my belief that the truth of God will eventually triumph completely and Christians will learn that Jesus was not who he…

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Perversion, Abomination and the Grotesque 101

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grossSometimes the boundaries of the ridiculous, grotesque and darn right offensive are captured most succinctly by a group that it does the work of those opposed to the group most successfully!  By so doing, the group shows the true light of their misguided agendas most effectively. But to be fair to Michael Rood, at least he has the courage to take the NT & NT theology to its logical conclusion(s). Well at least in an arena where the Roman Catholic Church/ Eastern Orthodox Churches are king. Take for example the group spectacle of the picture above alongside the more traditional abomination, courtesy of Michael Rood and a Rood Awakening’s Mission:

To awaken and deliver people from the perverted traditions of man-made religion so that they can live in loving obedience to the Torah and learn to walk with the Messiah in the power of the HolySpirit.

The picture shows…

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Sitruuna ja ruokasooda – ihmeellinen yhdistelmä: 10000 kertaa vahvempi vaikutus kuin kemoterapialla

Elä täysillä



Poistimme artikkelin väärinymmärrysten välttämiseksi, mutta laitoimme sen takaisin näkyville useista pyynnöistä johtuen. Haluamme korostaa, että olemme suomentaneet artikkelin lähestulkoon suoraan pidetyn hyvinvointialan ammattilaisen Drew Canolen blogista ja artikkeli on hyvin kärjistetty. Artikkelista tuli myös hänen blogissaan hyvin suosittu ja se jakoi mielipiteitä puoleen sun toiseen ihan ymmärrettävästi.

Haluamme, että käytte myös lukemassa mm. tämän hope4cancer instituten artikkelin koskien samaa aihetta.

Aihe on kaiken kaikkiaan mielenkiintoinen, mutta näin vakavien asioiden kanssa kun ollaan tekemisissä, on oltava hyvin tarkkana siitä mitä päätyy julkaisemaan ja mitä ei. Joka tapauksessa me emme missään tapauksessa kehoita ketään jättämään esim. vakavaan sairauteen määrättyjä lääkkeitä pois ja kokeilemaan tämän tyyppisiä “hoitomuotoja” pelkästään.

Hyvävointista alkavaa syksyä kaikille blogimme lukijoille!

Miksi me emme tiedä tästä?

Koska on organisaatioita, jotka eivät halua meidän tietävän sitruunan hyvistä ominaisuuksista. Organisaatioita, jotka hyötyvät sairauksista. Se on niin yksinkertaista.

Tiedätkö kuinka monta ihmistä kuolee vain sen vuoksi, että tätä salaisuutta ei…

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The way of the master manipulator: Paul – Part 2: Justifying the wicked

Leaving Jesus

The one that justifies the wicked; and the one who condemns the righteous: an abomination to God, even both of them! (Proverbs 17:15)

So we are going through the deception performed by a certain type of missionary following the teachings of Paul of the new testament. If you want to see how they try to convince their target to accept Jesus into their lives, just look at the previous post to see the potential or general conversation.

Always note the tactic of the missionary: it is to find anything … anything … that you’ve done wrong in your life, and then label you with it as if with unremovable ink. It’s as if any mistake in your life that you do, you can never get rid of or move on from. “Have you ever taken anything not yours?” they’ll ask. “Have you ever told a lie?” And any person must…

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Christian, what are you going to say to G-d of Israel when your god Jesus doesn’t return?

Daily Minyan

man-bowing-before-jesusWorshiper of Jesus, Christian/Messianic, what are you going to say when you stand before G-d after the false man-god Jesus whom you worship and to whom you pray doesn’t appear? What are you going to say to your Maker when you knew all along (and I am merely reminding you here now) that worshiping anyone or anything other than Him is a grave sin and betrayal? How will you justify your worship of a mortal creature to whom billions bow their knees? Will you deny that you knew that He has warned you that He was neither a man nor a son of man (Numbers 23:19), that He had no visible form and that He can’t be compared to anything He created? Will you try to defend yourself that you only followed your leaders or will you admit to G-d your sin of idolatry? Will you appeal to the polished…

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Ignorant Jewish Christ killers and all seeing Gentiles

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Utilizing the national park of Timna in southern Israel for that necessary air of authenticity, we see Juergen Buehler of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) explaining the ‘priesthood’ of Israel in bringing salvation to the Nations. The backdrop of national park of Timna is where there is a replica of the Tabernacle God commanded the children of Israel to build in the wilderness.

clip 1

Having watched the video of Juergen Buehler titled “WORD FROM JERUSALEM: THE SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM Episode 29”, I am left with a number of reservations. Particularly as the brief description states that the video shows “the exciting parallelism between the sacrificial system and the atonement of Jesus at the cross”. Now at this stage you might well say “what you can expect from a Christian video”. The problem however, is that the video is done in the intention of blessing and loving Israel which unfortunately misrepresents the…

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Smooth Operators

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Captilizing on the Jewish People's assets and heritage and packaging it into something altogether different the ICEJ. Capitalizing on the Jewish People’s assets, heritage and packaging it into something altogether different, the ICEJ.

He is a smooth operator that Jurgen Buhler (Jürgen Bühler) of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ). In a latest video offering “The calling of Israel”, the question is how can Christians be involved? Of course Jurgen has all the Abraham bli beardanswers. Beginning with the smoothly shaved depiction of Abraham [no doubt this Abraham needs a beard], a reference is made to the benefits of blessing Israel to the detriment of not blessing Israel apparently! Now of course Just what blessing Israel means in the mind and/ or theology of the ICEJ is something of mystery for a number of reasons which will be illuminated below! By the end of the video I kind of got the implicit me$$age that blessing Israel meant making a cash donation to the ICEJ. How else are they gonna…

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Christianity Unmasked

Christianity Unmasked.